Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Available in Methane (NG) or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) the CGS-iS-PSA detectors are typically used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with an CGS controller within enclosed parking garages. These units provide a clear digital display of the gas concentrations and the alarm condition housed in a robust ABS enclosure designed to withstand the parking environment. The unit comes with pre-programed alarm levels and requires no on-site set-up.

LPG is heavier than air and Methane is lighter than air. CGS recommends to mount the LPG sensor 6-18inches from ground level and above ground level. When the sensor head detects at a level exceeding 8%LEL the pre-alarm relay and 0-10v output changes state. Once the level drops the relay and 0-10v output reverts to original state. If the level continues to rise a second alarm relay set at 10%LEL will change state along with the 0-10v output. In alarm the unit provides a local audible and visual alarm.

For further information please refer to our product data sheet.

• 24VAC or DC Powered
• Displays Live Gas Levels & System Status Indications
• Traffic Light Indication
• Built-In Audible Alarm
• Three Alarm Relay Outputs
• 0-10VDC Variable Output
• BMS/BAS standalone compatibility
• Various gas detector types available
• End of Life Reminder

• Height – 5.95 inch
• Width – 4.73 inch
• Depth – 1.97 inch

CGSLPGiS Spec Sheet – French Canadian
CGS Brochure – Application Guide
CGSNGiS Spec Sheet
CGSNGiS Spec Sheet – French Canadian
CGS Gas Detector i iS Solution Sheet
CGS Gas Detector i iS Solution Sheet – French Canadian