Oxygen Depletion / Enrichment (O2)

Product Description

The CGSO2i is a oxygen depletion and enrichment electro-chemical detector and is typically used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with an CGS controller. The detector should be mounted in accordance with certain considerations. Consider the density of gas for its application and position the detector accordingly. Oxygen detectors should be mounted in the breathing zone (3-5ft) from ground level). The O2 gas detectors at detection will go into alarm at >18.5% v/v or <23% v/v. When connected to an CGS controller, this can be used to trigger the isolation of the power supply to a solenoid valve and as such isolation of the gas supply. This can then be rectified by resolving the leak, allowing the sensor head to clear and resetting the attached CGS panel and detector.

For further information on our Merlin gas detectors please refer to our product data sheet.

• 24VAC or DC Powered
• Traffic Light Indication
• Built-In Audible Alarm
• Three Alarm Relay Outputs
• 0-10VDC Variable Output
• BMS/BAS standalone compatibility
• Various gas detector types available
• End of Life Reminder

• Height – 5.95 inch
• Width – 4.73 inch
• Depth – 1.97 inch