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CSD-1 Emergency Shutdown Solution

Manual Shutdown Relay

CGS CSD-1 Emergency Shutdown

This is your basic CSD-1 safety setup in a mechanical room to isolate gas or power to the boilers in an emergency.

CGS only supply the highest quality emergency buttons for increased longevity and reliability. CGS gas solenoid valves can be used to shutdown gas lines or the emergency button can be wired in conjunction with the boiler safety limit circuit to shutdown boilers when pressed. For more information on the various options available please visit the downloads tab at the bottom of the page or alternatively contact our offices today.

ASME CSD-1 Code Requirement

‘(b) A manually operated remote shutdown switch or circuit breaker shall be located just outside the boiler room door and marked for easy identification.

(1) Consideration should be given to the type and locations of remote shutdown switch to safeguard against tampering. If the boiler room door is on the building exterior, the switch should be located just inside the door. If there is more than one door to the boiler room, there should be a remote shutdown switch located at each door.
(2) Activation of the remote switch or circuit breaker shall immediately shut off the fuel or energy supply.’