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MerlinGuard Refrigerant Gas Detection System

Up To 16 Remote Detectors

MerlinGuard Refrigerant System

The MerlinGuard is a 16 zone detection panel. Up to 16 detectors can be used in any combination and can be individually monitored on the MerlinGuard TFT display.

The MerlinGuard is a gas detection panel designed by Canadian Gas Safety (CGS) to be used with CGSRTFT detectors. It is intended for use in spaces that require gas detection, this solution is specifically refrigerant detection and provides features such as fan control options, alarm damper control, and connectivity to Building Management Systems (BMS). The panel has four output options for pre-alarm and high-alarm conditions, and it also contains a 0-10V output that can be utilized by the BMS or for fan control via VFD. The MerlinGuard is a compact and versatile solution for gas detection for various applications, providing comprehensive features to meet the requirements and guidelines for refrigerant.

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CGS Refrigerant Gas Detector TFT

The CGS Refrigerant Detector TFT is an NDIR detector and is typically used as a standalone unit or in conjunction with a Merlin controller. Each of the available CGS refrigerant target gases are heavier than air and will therefore drop, meaning the gas sensor should be mounted 12 inches from the floor of the protected area. At detection, the detectors will go into alarm at 1000ppm. When connected to a Merlin controller, built-in alarm relay outputs can be used to activate the power supply to a remote audible alarm and activate ventilation fans. This can then be rectified by resolving the leak, allowing the sensor head to clear and resetting the attached Merlin panel and detector.

For further information on our CGS gas detectors please refer to our product data sheet.

Refrigerant Gases Available

0-5000ppm / 0-6.2% LFL % Vol
0-5000pppm / 0-6.5% LFL % Vol
0-10000ppm / 0-14.4% LFL % Vol
0-6.3% LFL % Vol
0-7.7% LFL % Vol
0-6.2% LFL % Vol
0-11.8% LFL % Vol

Over 40+ refrigerant gas sensors available – contact CGS for further information.

CGS Audible Alarm Strobe

  • Alarm/siren offers 32 selectable sounds and volume control.
  • Include high intensity LEDs.
  • 8 flash patterns.
  • Typical working properties of polycarbonate are -40˚ to 250˚F (-40˚C to 121˚C).
  • Three year guarantee against breakage of polycarbonate in normal use
    (one year on electro mechanical and electronic components).
  • Designed to meet the requirements of IP54.

For further information on our audible alarm strobes please refer to our product data sheet.