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Boiler rooms serve as vital hubs in commercial and industrial facilities, providing essential heating and hot water for various operations. However, without proper safety measures, they can also pose significant hazards. Gas safety, in particular, is critical yet often overlooked, leaving facilities vulnerable to risks such as leaks, fires, and explosions. Compliance with stringent codes and standards is essential to mitigate these dangers effectively. This blog explores the ASME CSD-1 requirements and highlights how Canadian Gas Safety’s emergency gas shut-off solutions are integral to ensuring safety and compliance in boiler room operations.

Understanding ASME CSD-1 Code Requirements

The ASME CSD-1 code outlines specific requirements for the safe operation of boiler rooms, emphasizing emergency shutdown procedures. According to the code, a manually operated remote shutdown switch or circuit breaker must be located immediately outside the boiler room door for easy identification and access. This switch is designed to promptly shut off the fuel or energy supply in emergency situations. It is also crucial to prevent tampering and ensure quick activation from all entry points to the boiler room.

ASME CSD-1 Code Requirement

“(b) A manually operated remote shutdown switch or circuit breaker shall be located just outside the boiler room door and marked for easy identification.

(1) Consideration should be given to the type and locations of remote shutdown switches to safeguard against tampering. If the boiler room door opens to the building exterior, the switch should be located just inside the door. Multiple boiler room doors require a remote shutdown switch at each entrance.
(2) Activating the remote switch or circuit breaker shall immediately shut off the fuel or energy supply.”

Canadian Gas Safety’s Emergency Gas Shut-Off Solution

Canadian Gas Safety provides a comprehensive emergency gas shut-off solution that fully complies with ASME CSD-1 requirements. Our system features manual emergency shutdown buttons strategically positioned just outside boiler room doors, ensuring quick access for personnel during emergencies. These buttons are designed for immediate activation, enabling swift shutdown of the fuel or energy supply to prevent further escalation of hazards. We offer various models with customizable text to suit specific facility needs.

In addition to emergency shutdown buttons, our solution includes gas solenoid valves that automatically close upon activation of the shutdown switch, ensuring a secure shutdown of gas flow when required. Furthermore, our system includes a manual reset function, allowing for thorough evaluation and resetting after addressing an emergency situation.

Designed for Compliance and Safety

Canadian Gas Safety’s emergency gas shut-off solution is meticulously engineered to meet ASME CSD-1 requirements, prioritizing safety and reliability in boiler room operations. By adhering to these rigorous standards, our system equips boiler rooms with essential safeguards to mitigate risks and protect personnel and property effectively. With user-friendly interfaces and robust functionality, facilities can achieve compliance effortlessly, fostering a safer working environment for all occupants.


In the realm of boiler room safety, adherence to ASME CSD-1 requirements is crucial. Canadian Gas Safety’s emergency gas shut-off solution offers a reliable and efficient means to achieve compliance while enhancing safety and providing peace of mind. With our comprehensive approach to gas safety, facilities can confidently safeguard their boiler rooms against potential hazards, ensuring optimal protection for personnel and assets alike. For more information on how we can support your gas safety needs, contact Canadian Gas Safety today.